Club Rules
Please read carefully and abide by the below rules set forth by SASC.

Rule #1 - Registration

Before you can be added to the team roster, every player needs to be registered with the ENYSSA. To be properly registered with the ENYSSA, we need you to do the following:
1) Submit a 2x2 headshot picture.
2) Submit a copy of any of the following: drivers license, passport, or College/University student identification card.
3) Agree to pay a member fee of USD 40.00 (plus fees if you are using credit card and paying online) in cash or via online payment. 
4) Confirm that you have not been signed by any other team/club participating in any ENYSSA regulated leagues which include Allfut, Eastern Disctrict Soccer League (EDSL), and the Long Island Football Soccer League (LISFL).
5) Agree to all the rules below.
Rule #2 - Agreement
When a player agrees to register with SASC, the player is expected to play for one season, which begins the August prior to the start of the season and ends in June of the following year. Player Release Forms will be granted by the club to any player looking to leave SASC if the player agrees to pay the league player release fee of USD 5.00.
Rule #3 - Financial Obligation 
As stated in Rule #2, all players must make a one time member payment of USD 40.00. Payment is due 2 weeks before the start of the season.

Rule #4 - Fundraising
Each player must participate with any SASC fundraising event(s).
Rule #5 - Attendance
Practices - Each player must make weekly practices.
Game Day - Each player must arrive 1 hour before game time.
Proper Disclosure -If a player knows in advance of any dates that will conflict with any league games and/or practices, they must make the coaching staff aware immediately or risk disciplinary action from the club. Any player who does not inform the coaching staff or management of their absence 72 hours before game day will be suspended one game.
Rule #6 - Player Conduct 
Respect, responsibility, commitment, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude is demanded from every player in order to play for SASC. This must be demonstrated throughout the season. Continuous caution cards or red cards, dissent to the coaching staff, teammates, referee, or opponent from any player will result in an immediate expulsion from SASC. 
All players are responsible for any fines imposed by the league or state as a result of their misconduct during a league or state cup match. If fines are not paid by the player, the player will be dropped from the team.
Rule #7 - Accessories
All players must own a pair of shin guards and proper footwear (turf shoes). Players without shin guards or proper footwear before a CSL or ENYSSA match will NOT be allowed to play.  All players are RESPONSIBLE for returning all uniform kits and other borrowed accessories at the end of each match or training/practice session.
Rule #8 - Call Ups/Send Down
All players will be evaluated on a weekly basis. Coaches will determine if a call up or send down is needed. Players are urged to express their desires to their coach.


Upcoming Games  
Sporting '14-'15 vs FC Japan
New Ams.Utd. FC vs Sporting '14-'15
N.Ams.Utd. FC Res. vs Sporting Res. '14-'15
Sporting Res. '14-'15 vs NY Supreme Res.
Sporting '14-'15 vs NY Supreme
Sporting Res. '14-'15 vs Doxa FC Reserves
Sporting '14-'15 vs Doxa FC
CD Iberia vs Sporting '14-'15
CD Iberia Reserves vs Sporting Res. '14-'15

Upcoming Events  
Sporting Season Practice
Evander Childs High School Field

Wed, 04/01
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sporting Season Practice
Evander Childs High School Field

Fri, 04/03
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sporting Season Practice
Evander Childs High School Field

Wed, 04/08
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sporting Season Practice
Evander Childs High School Field

Fri, 04/10
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM