The Sporting Astoria Jersey
Since 2003 the Sporting jersey has evolved countless times and certainly it will continue to do so until the right design and blend of colors is found. The goal is to put together a kit that would be so unique that it would not only cause interest to spectators but also it will stay in the minds of those inquisitive spectators as a cemented memory. Below is the story and illustration of the different kits worn by Sporting Astoria over the years.

The first Sporting kit was an all white Adidas Squadra Jersey with the redesigned Sporting logo edited by Luis Romero, Jr.  At the time importance was given to marketing the team name in the front of their jersey and not anything else.  It was Luis' artistic suggestion that and all white canvas is essential to bring out the logo and nothing else.

Late 2003 - Summer 2005
The second edition of the Sporting kit mirrored the design and colors of the old black and white uniforms of the old Peruvian Sporting team. This team wore a black sash across a white jersey with black shorts and white socks. Sporting chose the the same Adidas Squadra Jersey as in the 2003 edition.

With the edition of the reserve team Sporting had to choose a distinctive color to set the team apart from the first team.  Black and white were the first team colors so Sporting looked to the Borough of Queens Flag for inspiration.  The light blue color along with black became the official Sporting Astoria reserve team colors. Later it would become the colors of their away kits.

2005 - 2010
Sporting's journey into the Cosmopolitan Soccer League in the fall of 2005 added pressure to produce home and away kits.  The club unveiled their first long sleeve kit with Sporting Astoria SC patch (edited once again by Luis Romero, Jr.) late fall 2005. Sporting used the Adidas Premio Jersey design.  The team colors remained black and white.

2006 - present
The away jersey for Sporting had to be a different color as all club jerseys are.  Sporting chose to use their once reserve colors borrowed from the Borough of Queens flag.  The first away jersey was long sleeve and designed after an adidas jersey as well. The colors were light blue jersey, white shorts with light blue 3 stripes, and light blue socks with white 3 stripes.

2007 - present
The following year after featuring the first Sporting Astoria away long sleeve jersey Sporting unveiled a short sleeve variation with the same design as the Adidas Onore Jersey.  The colors remained light blue jersey, white shorts with light blue 3 stripes, and light blue socks with white 3 stripes.

2009 - present
Late 2008 Sporting decided it was time to change the color of the home jersey.  The blue color of the New York City flag was used to introduce a new color to the kit.  This blue was combined with the black and light blue away jersey color and came up with the new home kit for Sporting Astoria for the 2009-2010 season.  Once again an adidas was the choice and model was the Adidas Golpe Jersey.  The jersey had the following colors: blue with black and light blue stripes, black shorts with light blue 3 stripes, and blue socks with black 3 stripes.


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