The Jersey
Since 2003 the Sporting jersey has evolved countless times and certainly it will continue to do so. The goal is to put together a kit with meaningful colors to honor every inspiring moment of our brief history.
Below is the story and illustration of the different kits worn by Sporting Astoria over the years.
Spring 2003 Inaugural Season - Summer 2004
The first Sporting kit was an all white Adidas Squadra jersey with a Sporting logo designed by Luis Romero, Jr. An all white jersey was chosen to make the logo clearly visible.
Fall 2003 - Summer 2008
The second edition of the Sporting jersey was a throw back of the old Sporting team. This team wore a black sash acrossa a white Adidas Squadra jersey.
Spring 2005 - Summer 2007
With the edition of the reserve team the club had to choose a distinctive color to set the teams apart. Sporting looked to the Borough of Queens Flag for inspiration. The light blue color from the flag along with first team black color officially became the reserve team colors.
Fall 2005 - Fall 2014
In the fall of 2005, the club unveiled their first long sleeve kit (home) with the official Sporting Astoria SC patch (edited once again by Luis Romero, Jr.). It was a black and white Adidas Premio jersey.
Spring 2006 - Present
In their spring of 2006, the club unveiled their away long sleeve jersey. It was a light blue and white (colors of the Borough of Queens Flag) Adidas Premio jersey.
Spring 2007 - Present
In the spring of 2007, the club officiall replaced their short sleeve away kit with a light blue and white (colors of the Borough of Queens Flag) Adidas Onore jersey. The club officially branded the light blue and white as their away colors.
Spring 2009 - Present
In the spring of 2009, Sporting unveiled their official home jersey to replace their black and white Adidas Premio jersey. The club replaced the black and white home kit colors with a darker blue and black Adidas Golpe jersey. The darker blue color was chosen to honor the the City of New York Flag.


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